Jan 31, 2011

BF After C-sec

Tips untuk bf anak jika bersalin secara czer..
  1. Get the baby into a good position. You may need help from a nurse or family member if you are still groggy or numb. Position the baby so he doesn't put pressure on the incision, either by tucking him under your arm like a watermelon or by lying on your side with his tummy facing yours. Use a nursing pilow or a few regular pillows to support him. Place your closest arm along his back and support his head and neck with your hand. Be prepared to use your arm to pull him close onto the nipple. ~~nurse HPJ dan ibu sangat membantu, thank you =)
  2. Make sure the baby's latch is good. A good latch will prevent many other problems, including sore nipples. With the opposite hand, tickle his lips so he opens his mouth wide for your nipple (this is a reflex). At that instant of his mouth opening, pull him directly onto the nipple by drawing your arm toward your body. This may take a few tries; you want to get as much of the breast tissue behind the nipple as possible into his mouth. That area, called the areola, houses a reservoir where milk drains out of the ducts and pools. Baby needs to compress this area, not the actual nipple.~~mula2 mmg sakit, terasa perit smp ke bghn perut. nipple siap luka tp lama2 it will be ok. cepat mengecutkan rahim
  3. Let the baby nurse as long as he wants, as often as he wants. Switch sides occasionally to increase milk production. If possible, eat your meals and drink your beverages while the baby is nursing so you don't delay your meals. Get help from family if you are too sore or weak to sit up for meals.~~awal2 bagus bykkan bf baby utk elakkan kuning
  4. Be sure to request pain medication and any comfort measures before you are in too much pain. Don't be a martyr! Pain relief can be a very good thing in the first few days after a C-section.~~hospital akan bagi ubat tahan sakit.
  5. Come home from the hospital. Have your family set up an area for baby care near a comfortable place for you. A straight-backed chair with pillows for support and a footstool to elevate your feet will help you get into position. Do diaper changes and clothing changes near your resting/nursing spot so as to conserve energy. A bassinet and basket of diaper supplies nearby make life easier.~~saya tak tidur atas katil yg mana tilamnya sangat empuk, hehehe.
  6. Have plenty of beverages and healthy snacks available close by. Eating well and staying hydrated will help you recover faster. Take any medications and vitamins recommended or prescribed by your doctor. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to prevent constipation.~~mesti minum air masak, sebelum dan selepas bf. Makan juga tak boleh miss.
  7. Rest as much as possible and take naps when the baby is asleep. You may even find that you can get a little sleep while the baby nurses, if you are sitting up and have family nearby to watch him closely. Do not sleep with the baby if you are heavily sedated from pan medication, however.~~kalau tak mengantuk, time baby tidur mama akan layan internet =)
  8. Stay clean and comfortable. Have several clean, loose-fitting shirts available for wardrobe changes. Stretchy, loose-fitting shirts and sleep or night nursing bras will make you more comfortable.~~uniform:tshirt dan kain batik yg selalu nak tertanggal ikatan, bila pakai long pant mak bising2, hehe..
  9. Avoid severe engorgement when your milk comes in by allowing baby to nurse for as often and as long as he wants. He will probably enjoy your milk immensely and need little encouragement!~~direct bf jer
  10. Treat any breast engorgement by nursing, then placing cool compresses on the just-nursed breast. You can use moist, refrigerated towels or cold packs - just don't leave them on for more than ten minutes at a time, and don't put anything frozen directly on your skin.~~ada org cakap boleh guna kobis, tp saya tak pernah cuba
  11. Avoid sore nipples by changing out nursing pads frequently. Moisture against the nipple can cause very bad things to happen! Change any wet clothing, including bras, as soon as possible.~~disposable breast pad sangat membantu
  12. Keep yourself entertained while you are recovering. It is good for your mental health to do "grown-up" things! Talk to your friends on the phone, check your email on your laptop, surf the net, read your favorite book or a new one!~~internet sangat membantu, especially KIM, susuibu.com dll
  13. Let others help you as much as they offer. Enlist your family and friends' help! They are eager to help you as much as they can. Let someone else change diapers, fix your meals, refill your water pitcher, and wash the laundry whenever possible!~~mesti ada yang menjaga kita semasa berpantang, thanx to my family
  14. Finally, if you feel very sad or angry, call your doctor. He or she will be glad to talk with you about postpartum depression, which is very common. It can be doubly hard after a C-section because of the pain and tiredness, and there are anti-depressant medications that are safe for breastfeeding. Don't be afraid to ask! Lots of other women have gone through the same thing.~~mesti cari seseorang juga untuk meluahkan perasaan, nak2 kalau berjauhan dgn suami, waduh!
  15. Enjoy your baby and take time to go out in the sunshine, go for a car ride, go out for ice cream, whatever makes you feel good and human again. Take a nursing blanket or light towel with you to cover up with if you think nursing in public might feel too exposing. You're entitled to breastfeed wherever you want, so go out! If you have orders not to drive, enlist family members or friends to drive you around a few times a week until you're all recovered. It will happen before you know it!~~selagi tak sampai 40hari mesti tak leh keluar jalan2, melainkan bawak baby pergi 1month check up,huhu

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